Hof ter Linde (homestead ter Linde) in Ritthem, Zeeland, is the residence of Jeroen and Marieke together with their two teenage daughters, Julie and Mare. In addition, the homestead offers a stay for the five adorable farm cats Tiger, Otje, Paddle, Sup and Kaatje the two naughty goats Bibi and Eefje, two hard working pigs Ginger and Pepper, our snail eaters (ducks) Guus en Gijs, our rabbits Blondie and Brownie and a crazy bunch of chickens. As of 2018 there will also be a possibility for other people to stay temporarily on Hof ter Linde, either on the ecological mini camping, or in a luxurious holiday house located in the historic barn.

Jeroen and Marieke bought the farm with orchard, farmland, pasture and poplar forest in 2015. Their dream is to create an edible paradise and eventually live mostly self-sufficient. They live and work according to the permaculture design methods.

By sharing their knowledge and experience through workshops, tours and residence at the Hof, they hope to be able to inspire others to live with respect for humans, animals and the earth.

For now, it’s working hard to realize their plans, but they enjoy doing it every day!